indian airlines in trouble

Bad Timing for Indian Airlines

indian airlines in troubleIn situations where delay in flights puts passengers to considerable physical and mental tension, they can seek relief from Consumer Redressal Agencies.

In a case between ‘B.M.Das versus The Station Master, Indian Airlines’ the Honourable State Commission & Honourable National Commission considered a passenger’s complaint against the irresponsible behaviour of Indian Airlines and granted a verdict in favour of the Complainant with an appropriate compensation.

Indian Airlines, our National carrier sought shelter under the Indian Airlines Non-international Carriage (Passenger & Baggage) Regulation Act, 1980 to defend itself against a complaint made by Mr. B.M.Das on the grounds of mental and physical harrasment that he had to suffer on account of excruciating flight delay.

But the Honourable Consumer Court remarked that ‘Protection for alleged Delay under the Regulations, 1980 can not absolve the officials of showing minimum courtesy to make the passengers known that the flight would be delayed & in such condition to provide & arrange required comforts to the travelling passengers for the period (stranded)’ and as such the suffering of the Complainant (Passenger) is to be Compensated & accordingly award was granted in his favour.

The Honourable State Commission and National Commission after listening to the Complainant’s appeal awarded him a compensation based on the following allegations:

  • Indian Airlines is controlled by Central Government & as such it is an ‘Other Authority’ under Article – 12 of the Constitution of India
  • Indian Airlines must undertake to provide safe, reliable and dependable service to the travelling public
  • Indian Airlines must undertake to inform the intending passenger well in advance about change of schedule of flight
  • Indian Airlines must provide suitable accommodation including food to strandeds passengers
  • Indian Airlines must take suitable action against those of its employees who have neglected their duty in looking after the comforts of the stranded passengers

Now you know your right as a consumer. Visit Power to Consumer if you too have been a victim of uninformed delayed flight schedules and will like to bring to task the defaulting airlines.

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