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Case Win: Susant Parida vs Dreamz Infra India Private Limited

We are proud to announce that justice has finally been granted to an empowered consumer who had approached with his grievance against an unscrupulous builder.

In a case filed on 12.03.2015 under the able guidance of Shri Shivesh Kumar Sinha, our the learned Legal Adviser, the complainant fought a long and hard legal battle against a construction company for three long years. The complainant was not only fighting the delay in handover of his rightful ownership of his house, but was also pleading for the mental harassment and agony leading to achieving proper justice.

The in-depth domain knowledge of our learned Legal Adviser strengthened the case of the Complainant and gave enough evidences to the Honourable judicial Member of the Karnataka State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission Bangalore to award appropriate justice and penalize the faulty builders appropriately.

Brief case history is that the victim Complainant Susanta Kumar Parida on being induced with lucrative advertisements of the Builders M/s Dreamz Infra India (Pvt.) Ltd., Bangalore, booked one flat in its proposed project to purchase for his dwelling purpose by paying a substantial booking amount. The Builders entered in to a MOU (Memo of Understandings) with the Complainant Consumer prescribing thereby certain terms & conditions. The proposed project of the Builders never came in to existence & noticing this fact, the Consumer demanded refund of his paid amount but in VAIN from the end of the Builders even after service of a Lawyer’s Notice sent by the Legal Adviser of

Ultimately, on advise by the said Legal Adviser the Complainant agreed to sue the Builders in State Consumer Redressal Commission, Bangalore for redressal of his grievances & to get refund of his invested money with interests & appropriate Compensation in lieu of incurred loss caused by misdeeds of the Builders.

The Hon’ble Commission having considered the entire facts made available on case record after due proceedings passed a landmark decision with direction to builders to refund the paid amount with interests @18% PA till its actual realization and further penalized them to pay compensation of Rs.2,00,000/- towards mental agony of the complainant & the legal expenses incurred by him amounting to Rs.25,000/-.

In an article published recently in a leading newspaper, it was brought to the notice of the common public through a program organized by National Legal Services Authority [NALSA] , the then Hon’ble Chief Justice of India Hon’ble Mr. P. Satshivam said that ‘legal literacy is the constitutional right of each citizen of India and suppressed class of people must be made aware of their said right.’

He further said that our Constitution has provided rights to get legal literacy to citizen of India, which is required to strengthen the Constitutional Democracy, as such Hon’ble Judiciary acts & functions with its presumption that citizen of India are aware of their said constitutional rights. {source : PTI}
At that has been our mission from the inception of this site. To provide proper awareness and legal prowess to each and every individual of this great nation.