Top Tips to be an Informed Consumer

Buyers Be Aware

According to a recent article published in Mint, there is a 61% increase in buyers looking for a house in the past 1 year. And that the number of active property seekers seeking houses through online portals such as has gone up sharply on a y-o-y basis from 340,000 in July’16 to 550,000 in Sept.’17.

We at Power to Consumer feel that this is an encouraging sign indicating revival of trust in the economy and the government. And if you are the one who has been putting away the decision of buying a house due to various factors, then it is the right time to strike a deal and own your cherished home.

But with hundred percent knowledge of the deal that you are getting from the seller.

As a go-to portal for consumer complaints related to filing a complaint against builder, we have seen hundreds of complaints from innocent and hapless consumers who have invested their lifetime savings, or borrowed a loan but are now stuck due to insolvency, incompetency and inefficiency of the property developer or the builders.

Remember, it is our duty and in our best interest to keep our eyes open when we are shelling out our hard earned money to buy a piece of land or purchase a ready to move in apartment. And be aware of the bargain that we are being handed.

We would encourage you to read the following blog posts to know more about the safeguards you need to follow:

With the lull season ending and the property market opening up, property developers and agents will come out with very lucrative deals. These deals might look OK on their intrinsic value, but when the actual scheme is revealed the deal might be offering something radically different.

So, it is in your best interest to stay an alert consumer and ensure that you are not cheated of your time and money by unscrupulous builders.

We are always at your service. If you would like to talk to our award winning consumer rights adviser before signing up on a deal, we encourage you to use our Premium Legal Service.