Stay Alert this Festive Season

Stay Alert. And be an empowered consumer this festive season!

The “Festive Season” is here. And it is no surprise that every business is trying to cash in on the sentiment by throwing “festive offers” to consumers.

Businesses have long used the dangling carrot of cash discounts, free exchange, reduced prices, freebies, zero interest EMI, attractive interest rates etc. to lure consumers into buying goods or services.

At Power to Consumer, we believe that there is nothing wrong in using such tactics if it is done with a good intention. If consumers don’t buy the economy won’t move forward. But what we resist is not knowing what the deal is and then getting stuck into a bad situation.

The need of the hour is to be an empowered consumer while making any kind of transaction. Read our Top Tips to be an Empowered Consumer to know more.

Festival Offers on Home Purchase

While festive offers have traditionally been restricted to consumer durables, we have noticed a trend of property developers trying to latch onto the festive sentiment. They devise multiple schemes and offers to attract prospective home buyers. Also, due to sluggish sales on account of demonetization and the RERA Act, property developers are using this festive season as a bait to increase their sales.

So, if you are looking to invest your hard earned money in a home of your dreams this is the right time. But we advise being extremely cautious before proceeding ahead. Do a complete due diligence on your part, before you part with your money. Make sure the deal is worth it.

Look for a property that matches your requirement, look at the project’s location, features, amenities, past track record of projects, delivery schedules, and developer’s reputation for delivering quality projects.

Ensure that you do a fair evaluation of the kinds of freebies and offers against the intrinsic values mentioned above. If you find it fair and equal, then entering into an agreement makes sense. Don’t get carried away with short term discounts as it might lead to a long drawn and complicated battles.

Do hire the services of an expert lawyer who can look at the deal from the eyes of law and legal matters and ensure that you don’t get stuck into any kind of bad decision. At Power to Consumer, we have published a number of articles on queries related to builders. Please read through them and then decide on your own if the festive deal in your hand is worth moving forward.

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  4. Be an Informed Consumer

Enjoy the festive season and for any consumer related queries, please feel free to approach our Legal Adviser by submitting your complaint or availing the Premium Query support service.