filing a complaint in consumer court

500 Empowered Consumers. Thank you Everyone.

[su_highlight background=”#fb5539″]The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.[/su_highlight]

If there is one objective that we at Power to Consumer truly believe in, it is the one above. What started off as a personal initiative to help harrowed consumers seek justice, is now slowly becoming a national movement. What was initially just a knowledge sharing platform is now a powerful tool for consumers willing to fight for their rights.

We truly would like to thank each and every single subscriber of Power to Consumer. Thank you for showcasing your faith and supporting us. For us this is just the beginning. We won’t rest till we have become the most preferred online consumer complaint forum for consumers seeking support and justice.

We need your support in helping us achieve our goal. Do spread a word about us within your social circles, family, office place. Ask them to subscribe by using the form below, and help us build a strong community of empowered consumers. We are counting on your support.

Once again, Welcome to the community of empowered consumers!

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